What are Plasma Coatings?

Plasma Coatings are layers produced by the injection of powder material into the ionized gas jet plume of a plasma torch. The ceramic or metal powder is melted and propelled at a substrate, where the droplets flatten and solidify into a durable coating. Plasma coatings include a number of high-melting point options ranging from Alumina to Zirconia coatings. During the process, component temperatures rarely exceed 300° F making this a solution for coating materials that cannot withstand higher temperature conditions.

Why use Falmer Plasma Coatings?

Falmer’s plasma coating process allows the placement of high-melting point, refractory materials such as tungsten or ceramics like zirconia on low-melting point substrates including aluminum, even plastic.  Another benefit of the plasma coating process is the coating can be applied only where necessary, lowering material and labor costs. (View Materials Chart)

  • Significant cost savings
  • Short production lead times
  • Better-than-new condition of remanufactured components
  • Increased service life on high-speed cylindrical parts
  • Reduced weight over solid ceramic, carbide and tool steel parts

Plasma Coating