What are Electric Arc Spray Coatings?

Electric Arc spray coatings are formed by a thermal spray coating process in which electricity melts two charged feedstock wires. An air or gas jet vaporizes the molten metal into droplets that are propelled onto a substrate surface to create a protective coating.

Electric arc spray coating is a flexible process that is easily adapted to the requirements of each application. It is easy and economical to perform on-site.

Many different materials are used as electric arc spray coatings, primarily low melting-point metals, each with its own advantages (View Materials Chart).

Why use Falmer Electric Arc Spray Coatings?

Electric arc spray coating is core to our business. Falmer’s electric arc spray coating process can spray low or high melting point metals and easily combine two materials (one from each wire) to create a pseudo-alloy with the combined benefits of both metals.

Applying an electric arc spray coating is economical—it is performed quickly and inexpensively to give coated products a wide range of performance enhancements including:

  • Protection against corrosive acids, chemical and environmental factors
  • EMI/RFI shielding characteristics
  • Electrical or thermal conduction properties
  • Increased wear resistance

Falmer is proud to be approved for EAS Specifications:

  • MIS 47017 (Process Specification for Metal Spray Coating with Aluminum or Zinc)
  • Drawing #13599266 (Metal Spray Coating for EMI Treatment of Openings)
  • MIS 11254 (Metalizing of Shelters and Vans)
  • MIS 47769 (Metal Spray Coating for EMI Treatment of Openings for Shelters & Structures