What are Heater Coatings?

Heater Coatings are electrical resistance heaters in the form of a coating. In contrast to most heaters that are in the form of a wire. Heater Coatings conduct electrical current along their length so that generated heat conducts directly into the substrate. They are therefore very efficient and transmit heat over the surface quickly and uniformly.  Falmer’s NexGen Heating PPT



  • Thin – in the form of a low mass coating covering the part to be heated
  • Adherent – strongly bonded to part
  • Versatile – can be applied to metals, ceramics and polymers
  • Efficient – most of the heat generated flows into the part to be heated
  • Cool – operates close to temperature of part to be heated
  • Uniform – engineered to provide even temperatures
  • Adaptable – can be designed for all common voltages and controls
  • Comprehensive – can be designed for conductive, radiative and convective applications


  • Compact – occupies almost no space
  • Responsive – low heater mass promotes fast heat up and tight temperature control
  • Cost beneficent – low heat loss translates to low power consumption and cost savings
  • Evolutionary – easily substitutes for conventional wire heaters
  • Flexible – applied to flat, cylindrical or arbitrary surfaces
  • Manufacturable – can be made in high volume utilizing mature coating technology


  • Replacement for all current wire heating applications
  • Miniature heaters
  • Applications requiring minimal space
  • High efficiency heaters
  • Very large surfaces
  • Fast heat up heaters


  • Industrial process heating
  • Water, liquid and gas heating
  • Semiconductor and vacuum heating
  • Radiant heating
  • Chocolate and Candy manufacturing process heating
  • Instrumentation


Why use Falmer Heater Coatings?

Our clients count on us to protect and enhance their products by delivering innovative coatings that reduce the environmental impact of their products and save energy costs. Our finishes are durable and designed to be highly-efficient at a lower cost.

We can customize virtually any coating to meet your precise needs. The parts can be coated at our state-of the-art, clean facility or we can bring the coating equipment to you.