At Falmer Thermal Spray, we recognize the value of being a full partner to our customers. Our capabilities allow us to provide complete, start-to-finish project and contract management. We offer a range of post coating services including

Project Management   Many customers prefer to have one supplier for a complicated component. Here at Falmer, we have strategic partnerships across manufacturing processes (High/Low volume machining, welding, metal fabrication, High/Low volume precision grinding, thin film coatings) We collaborate closely with our customers to develop an ideal plan of action for each project to meet price, quality and delivery requirements.

Precision Grinding/Lapping   To complement the quality of our thermal spray coatings as well as deliver parts and components that match our customers’ stringent design requirements, we offer cylindrical, internal and surface grinding. We have the capabilities to precision grind coated parts and components to a 2-4 Ra finish and we can lap to 1 helium light band. We can grind cylindrical parts within 50 one-millionths of an inch of perfect roundness.

Finishing   Superfinishing, Lapping, Polishing/Burnishing wire/cable chrome oxide to a 20Ra. We perform full-service hand-finishing and polishing services with in-house superfinishing equipment. We can achieve 10-20 Ra finishes by hand and below 10 Ra via superfinishing.

Machining   Falmer provides full service machining and finishing to give our customers completed parts that meet the exact needs of their specific application. Our full service machining capabilities enable us to deliver not just the coating you need but complete finished parts. Add size capabilities.

Sealers   To improve dielectric and resistance corrosion properties


At Falmer Thermal Spray, we work towards creating a more sustainable world by developing solutions that reduce waste, lower greenhouse emissions and minimize the need for new raw materials. Cleaning, applying thermal spray coatings and remachining of “used” parts converts items that would have been disposed of into effective parts that are better than new. Furthermore, the equipment that relies on these parts is able to stay online longer resulting in economic savings as well.

These secondary services enable us to deliver coated parts and components that streamline production, saving our customers valuable time and money.